UWF | United World Federation
We’ll Build The New World Together !
UWF | United World Federation - We Are Building The New World Together
We aim to establish a united world federation that is peaceful, happy, without war, clean, renewable, healthy and without poverty, with people and countries that share the same emotions with us. We develop many projects for the world and humanity. If you agree with us, you can support us financially or join our projects. We can achieve everything together.

The Common Digital Currency For The World !

We should move to a common digital currency for the world, where no country will have an impact. It is necessary to end the hunger and poverty in the world by making constant payments to people through this common digital currency.

In addition, each country should have digital currencies to be used within itself. In this way, continuation of trade between countries can be provided.

But the most important priority should be to ensure that people live happily and peacefully, without hunger and poverty.