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We aim to establish a united world federation that is peaceful, happy, without war, clean, renewable, healthy and without poverty, with people and countries that share the same emotions with us. We develop many projects for the world and humanity. If you agree with us, you can support us financially or join our projects. We can achieve everything together.

Covid-19 Corona Virus Pandemic And Vaccine Development

Corona virus Covid-19 pandemic is a lab-produced virus by China and United States of America to reduce the human population. If you’re wondering, you can explore how American pawns like the Bill Gates and Elon Musk develop projects by controlling, managing and vaccinating people. Many projects that are shown in good faith in the world can be part of a plan to destroy people.

We have all seen how supposedly super-developed countries that sell weapons to the world and create war cannot protect their peoples against a virus. As the UWF United World Federation, we will avenge people who die alone in their homes, streets and hospital rooms.

Especially the World Health Organization WHO and the Billy Gates foundation conduct tests on people under the pretext of developing a vaccine against this virus. They especially use the people in Africa as guinea pigs. The other experimenters in Africa are United Kingdom, France, Germany and Belgium.

It is currently not possible to develop a vaccine against this constantly mutated virus. Countries and organizations that produce and spread this virus are trying to stop human reproduction and impair human health. Their goal is to kill people slowly.

As a UWF United World Federation, our advice to people around the world should not use the vaccines and drugs produced unless they are in a difficult situation.