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We aim to establish a united world federation that is peaceful, happy, without war, clean, renewable, healthy and without poverty, with people and countries that share the same emotions with us. We develop many projects for the world and humanity. If you agree with us, you can support us financially or join our projects. We can achieve everything together.

Cheater Company ( WHO ) World Health Organization

A cheater company called ( WHO ) World Health Organization, which helps produce Corona Virus Covid-19 Pandemic plans to reduce the world population by collecting money from countries such as China, United States of America and European countries, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Belgium.

The current plan of the World Health Organization (WHO). On the pretext of testing, trying and developing vaccines against the Corona Virus Covid-19 Pandemic, they work to prevent human reproduction and slowly poison the organs in the human body.

This fraudulent organization called ( WHO ) World Health Organization aims to raise $ 40 billion from money from its supporters and most countries around the world.

This fraud organization World Health Organization (WHO) has an annual budget of about 5 billion dollars. What they does on annual health spending is just $ 170 million.

Travel expenses of this organization ( WHO ) World Health Organization are 250 million dollars annually. The shitty managers and representatives of this organization have a business class flight cost of $ 15,000 for each trip. Apart from these, they make annual gift and promotional payments of 50 million dollars to the country managers and the institutions they work with.

One of the funders of this organization is Bill Gates, who transferred money to the development of the Covid-19 Corono virus and tries to chip people.

The world health organization ( WHO ) tries to scare people with viruses, collects money and tries to develop vaccines and destroy human beings with a thousandth of the money they collect. Especially they are experimenting on the people in African countries with the Bill Gates Foundation.

Countries that support this fraudulent organization ( WHO ) World Health Organization. China, France, Germany, United States of America, United Kingdom, Belgium are at the top.

We, as the UWF United World Federation, will destroy such cheater organizations.