UWF | United World Federation
We’ll Build The New World Together !
UWF | United World Federation - We Are Building The New World Together
We aim to establish a united world federation that is peaceful, happy, without war, clean, renewable, healthy and without poverty, with people and countries that share the same emotions with us. We develop many projects for the world and humanity. If you agree with us, you can support us financially or join our projects. We can achieve everything together.

Capitalism Must End ! Produce For Your Country And World

As the UWF | United World Federation, we will end the system of exploitation that we call capitalism on earth very soon.

Each country must pay for their people’s housing, food and vital costs, and then lead people to production with education.

First of all, stay away from the countries that produce and sell weapons in the world. Do not buy or use any products produced by these countries. Make friends with your neighboring countries, stop fighting.

Due to the bad policies of many industrializing countries in the world and non-compliance with the laws, natural life has deteriorated and climates have changed. For this reason, countries should direct their people to production, especially in agriculture and animal husbandry.

Other production issues are developing peaceful technologies with nature, producing in the fields of science, health, life, space and various technology.

First produce for yourself and your country. Don’t let any country exploit you. The more you produce, the sooner we can build the new world.