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UWF | United World Federation - We Are Building The New World Together
We aim to establish a united world federation that is peaceful, happy, without war, clean, renewable, healthy and without poverty, with people and countries that share the same emotions with us. We develop many projects for the world and humanity. If you agree with us, you can support us financially or join our projects. We can achieve everything together.

The United States is Collects Covid-19 Virus Drugs !

United States collects all drugs developed by various companies for Covid-19 Pandemic Virus. The reason for this is that the virus becomes effective in the world again or they want more people in the world to die in a similar virus attack.

Our advice to companies and countries that develop drugs for Covid-19 Virus; Stock up and produce your medicines primarily for your own country people, then use them for people in need around the world.

Do not sell the drugs you have developed for money.

Another thing United States wants to do is examine the vaccines developed against the virus and develop more effective viruses.

United States, China, Russia, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Belgium, Italy – The rulers of these countries exist in the world not to protect their people but to kill them. You can understand this because they can’t protect their own people anyway.